Travel With A Purpose

Make your next vacation one with meaning. One in which you enjoy all the sights, sounds, and culinary delights of Grenada, but also get a look into the lives of the locals when you teach them to swim. It’s such a happy experience - you will get caught up in their joy and excitement as they learn.

Highlights from National Learn to Swim Weeks included:

  • The progress all the kids and adults showed throughout the week. There was a huge difference between day one and day five. Seeing the kids going out into the deep, deep where they couldn’t even touch and running though the drills of how to save your life if you fall out of a boat and watching them get back to shore.
  • Teaching a 74 year old man at Grand Mal. Took two instructors. Also a 77 yr old man in front of the Catholic Church on Grand Anse. Also, many older women.
  • Michael at True Blue. Michael was a 4 year old (yes we know 4 was a bit young but we couldn’t turn him away) was so scared to go into the water. He clung on to Marie (his instructor) the first day and wouldn’t let go of her in the water. By the end of the first class he would stand on his own in the water and started blowing bubbles under the water. At the end of the swim week, Michael was floating, diving down for objects, and swimming across the pool. He didn’t even want to leave the pool after his mom told him it was time to leave. To see a kid go from terrified of the water to being a little water baby was really heartwarming.
  • Having a pregnant mom come with her two sons all week to Sogecoa Pool and on the fifth day she got in for a lesson!
  • Moms taking lessons and then going out into the sea with the little babies and children who were too young to take lessons.
  • A very small 6 year old girl. Day one, we walked into the ocean and water splashed on her face before she even got up to her bellybutton. She was crying, upset, and done for the day. She went back to mom and only played in the sand. We suggested to mom that she come back tomorrow with some goggles and we’ll give it another try. Day two, little girl arrives with goggles. We played in the water with much more success, working on putting chin and ears in water as well as blowing bubbles. By the end of the week, this little girl, with her goggles and a noodle, is swimming and splashing around with her whole face in the water, kicking with legs, making big arms, playing mermaid and dolphin kicking with the other girls, she is also putting the goggles on and off her own face and wiping out her out eyes without any troubles or assistance from adults. What a huge difference from day one!

What Will I Do?

You will teach swim lessons four hours a day to individuals who are six years and older. You do not have to be a good swimmer to be a part of this. As long as you are comfortable in the water, it will only take an hour for us to train you how to work with these children. They need to be able to blow bubbles underwater, float on their bellies and backs, kick with a noodle...simple stuff like that. This DropBox Link will give you some basic training before you get here. Concentrate on modules 3-4. You don't have to sign up for a dropbox account...just decline when the menu comes up. We are trying to make individuals water safe, not swim the butterfly!

Below is a moving and beautiful journal entry from one of our 2015 volunteers.

And a lovely blog entry from Life is Good on our Boat

What Will A Typical Day Look Like?

When you travel to Grenada for NLTSW, you will have all your mornings free. Lessons will start at 1 pm and you will teach one hour lessons until 5 or 6 pm. You will then have time to clean up and enjoy dining at some of our exquisite restaurants, listen to steel pan drums, play bingo (Grenadian style - win a goat!), attend a local Wednesday church service or just relax around a campfire on the beach. The options are endless.

We will help the core of volunteers put together group activities but of course, you are free to go off on your own for any adventure.

How Do I Get There?

A valid passport and return ticket is required for all visitors. Proof of Citizenship bearing a photograph is acceptable from British, Canadian and American citizens. Please note that as mandated by the United States Department of Homeland Security, all travellers from the USA must provide a passport to enter or re-enter the USA on vacation or business travel. A visa is not required from citizens of the USA.

The easiest ways are through American Airlines and Jet Blue. American offers flights every day from most cities. Jet Blue flies on Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues/Thurs non-stop out of JFK. Delta has a flight once a week on Saturdays out of Atlanta. Flights are generally $700 - $900 unless you are flying out of NY, Miami, or Atlanta, which all have non-stops to Grenada and usually cheaper fares. If you want to go island hopping and take a circuitous route, you could try Caribbean Airlines or Liat. (They usually do not run on time.) However you get here, we will pick you up and deliver you to your lodgings.

Where Should I Stay?

This year we have a number of hotels close to Grand Anse Beach (where you will be volunteering) that have offered us special rates for National Learn to Swim Week. There are a limited number of rooms at these venues, so reserve early. Prices quoted are INCLUSIVE of taxes. Make sure to let them know you are coming for NLTSW.

  • SeaBreeze Hotel. Situated a block away from the beach in a clean, small hotel. The owner is on the GYA board and has offered us an amazing deal for this week. If you are single and willing to share the room, you can come for $40 per night and they will set you up with a roommate. Call Lotten at 473-439-0809. Very limited space available.

  • Blue Horizon Hotel at $120 per night. This beautiful resort is about six blocks from the beach and several blocks to major shopping and eating areas. Three more rooms available at this rate.

  • Coyaba Hotel at $160 per night. Right on the beach and next door to great, reasonably priced restaurant (Umbrellas) and great dive shop (Eco-Dive). Walk a few hundred feet to your volunteer location.

  • Radisson Hotel at $168 per night. Normally $250 - $300/night, this resort is right on the beach. Walk out your door and head down the beach to your learn-to-swim site! is another option which could be less expensive. Just go to the website and put in Grenada and your dates. I have selected a number of unique opportunities below which could work out.

What Can I Do While I Am There?

Check out these websites.

For those who would like to go to church, we will attend Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services at the Christian Science church on this island. Most likely we will do some of the activities above, snorkel, eat pizza and listen to steel pan drums on Friday, play Grenadian bingo (win a pig), visit the marketplace and a few forts, eat lunch at a cocoa plantation and whatever else the group would like to do.

Come join us for the holiday of a lifetime! An extraordinary vacation that will make a difference in the lives you will touch.