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Vacation with a Purpose

Make your next vacation one with meaning.

One in which you enjoy all the sights, sounds, and culinary delights of Grenada,

but also have first hand experience with island life and local families when you teach them to swim.

It’s such a rewarding and happy experience - as you get caught up

in their joy, excitement, and success as they learn.





Video by Derek Pickell

what will

What Will a

Typical Day Look Like?

When you travel to Grenada for National Learn to Swim Week, you will have half days free. Lessons will start at 2 pm and you will teach one-hour lessons until 6 pm. (The July week we teach in the mornings.)

You will then have time to clean up

and enjoy dining at some of our exquisite restaurants,

listen to steel pan drums, play bingo (Grenadian style - win a goat!),

attend a local Wednesday church service,

or just relax around a campfire on the beach.

The options are endless.

We will help the core of volunteers put together group activities, but of course,

you are free to go off on your own for any adventure.

Below is a moving and beautiful journal entry
from one of our Volunteers.

Lovely blog entry from Life is Good on our Boat

how to do i get

How to do I get there?

A valid passport and return ticket is required for all visitors.

All travelers must have a passport.

A visa is not required.

The easiest ways are through American Airlines and Jet Blue.

When you get here, we will pick you up and deliver you to your lodgings.

where should i stay

Where Should I Stay?

Check out these websites.

  • SeaBreeze Hotel. Situated a block away from the beach in a clean, small hotel. The owner is on the GYA board and usually offers really good deals for those coming to support “Get Grenada Swimming:  If you are single and willing to share the room, you can come for $40 per night Call Lotten at 473-439-0809. Very limited space is available.

  • Coyaba Hotel Right on the beach and next door to a great, reasonably priced restaurant (Umbrellas) and great dive shop (Eco-Dive). Walk a few hundred feet to your volunteer location.

  • Radisson Hotel. This resort is right on the beach. Walk out your door and head down the beach to your learn-to-swim site!

what can i do

What Can I Do

While I Am There?

We have some of our favorites below.

For those who would like to go to church,

we will attend Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services at the

Christian Science church on this island.

Most likely we will do some of the activities above, snorkel, eat pizza and listen to steel pan drums on Friday, play Grenadian bingo (win a pig), visit the marketplace and a few forts, eat lunch at a cocoa plantation, and whatever else the group would like to do.

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Come join us for the holiday of a lifetime!

An extraordinary vacation that will make a difference in the lives you will touch.

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